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Homeowners provide landscaping preferences for cul de sacs
Survey reveals some clear direction
In January, we completed a survey about the cul de sac areas as well as some questions about selected other landscaping issues. This survey feedback was presented to the board and the community at our annual homeowners’ association meeting on February 12.

We had a very high response rate with more than 50 homeowners taking the survey, a 46% total community response. Thank you for taking this time to give us your valuable thoughts and insights!

The Landscape Committee is charged with reviewing this feedback and determining a plan for the overall cul de sac areas and presenting those recommendation to the board for our next phase.

Meanwhile, here is a summary of feedback from homeowners who participated in the summary:
  • The one overwhelming message was to maintain the grass in all cul de sac areas.

  • Other feedback indicated allowing for some variation in trees and other foliage between different cul de sac areas, saying it is OK to not have all areas completely consistent with one another.

  • Many residents preferred to only replace trees once they are no longer healthy rather than for cosmetic reasons.

  • Most residents also thought that the trees, if replaced, should have some good shade capability while being careful of height to not further block our views.

  • The types of trees suggested ranged over a broad spectrum. The committee will research those options submitted. It did seem that water-conserving trees were more supported.

  • There were other concerns brought up about maintaining the washes and other common areas more neatly and, more importantly, safely.

These concerns are among those issues being addressed by the committee. This committee is open to all CCE residents to join either as a part-time supporter or as a full-time leader. Please contact Alison Hamlet at 602-301-9839 for further details on how you can participate.

Thanks to Alison Hamlet for her great leadership on the Landscape Committee, as well as to all of the committee members for their invaluable contributions.

Below is a link to the entire survey, which is also available in our site's Document Center under "Landscape-Cul De Sac Survey".

If you suspect a crime ....
Emergencies vs. Suspicious Activity
Anyone who witnesses a crime in process knows to call 911.

If, however, you see something suspicious or otherwise need to contact the Phoenix police about a crime, please call
Crimestop: 602-262-6151.

City of Phoenix Police newsletter now available
Just click on the link below to read the newsletter.
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Before you make any changes to your home ...
Architectural changes in our neighborhood require approval
As required by our neighborhood CC&Rs, you must have approval before you make changes to your home, including paint color, additions, etc.

For more information - and the form you need to submit to the Architectural Committee, please visit the Architectural Committee page.

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